Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Beautiful Photos of Italy with Information..

Italy is blessed with its natural beauty. Old cities like Venice,
a name which later became synonymous to architectural 
excellence, Rome and Sicily all adds up to its natural splendor.
Italy is one of the biggest producers of wine. Traveling a destination
like Italy is certain to provide lot of entertainment and pleasure 
which you will endeavor for all your life. Travel Planners has 
collected a few natural clips of this country. You might as 
well run for to book a holiday ticket after you view these images.
So beautiful it is. Do evaluate it yourselves.

Beautiful Italian Landscape

Unparalleled Architectural Marvels, Italy

Boats waiting for Someone to set them in Motion In Italy

Grand Canal of Venice, Italy

The Dolomites, Alps, Italy

A Beautiful Evening in Venice, Italy

An Old Italian Villa Entrance

Montepulciano, Tuscany City Italy

 Manarola City, Italy

Lake Garden, Malcesine, Italy

A View of Alps from The Lake in Italy

Dining Alfresco, Venice, Italy

Country Villa, Valdorcia, Tuscany, Italy

Colors of Venice,  Italy

Another Colourful Italian Landscape

Castel Sant Angelo and Bridge, Rome, Italy

Elegant Mountain Ranges, Italy

Burano, Venice, Italy

Collected and Presented by Hassan Ali


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