Saturday, January 22, 2011

World Famous City, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in 
the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia.
The Melbourne City Center also known as the "Central Business District 
is the hub of the greater geographical area and  the greater 
geographical area had an approximate population of four million.

Inhabitants of Melbourne are called Melburnians.
The metropolis is located on the large natural bay 
known as Port Phillip, with the city centre positioned 
at the estuary of the Yarra River 

The metropolitan area then extends south from the city centre, 
along the eastern and western shorelines of Port Phillip, and 
expands into the hinterland. The city centre is situated in 
the municipality known as the City of Melbourne, and 
the metropolitan area consists of a further 30 municipalities.

Melbourne was founded in 1835 47 years after the 
European settlement of Australia 

Melbourne has been ranked as one of the top three World's 
Most Livable Cities by the Economist Group's Intelligence Unit 
Melbourne  City: It is an important tourist destination with an 
approximate 16 million domestic and 1.5 million international tourists
visiting population in accordance with the metropolitan records 
of the year ending Dec' 2009.

Melbourne Central Business District View from the top 
of Shrine of Remembrance

A view of Melbourne Vic from the air.
Looking at the Melbourne across the Yarra River

The Yarra Rivera river in southern Victoria (Australia) on which 
the city of Melbourne was founded.

Yankee Stadium: Major sporting events hosted by Melbourne 
have attracted large numbers of sports tourists to the city, 
other visitors come for the cultural and fashion events.

Docklands is Melbourne's newest precinct and largest infrastructure
development to date, and is also becoming a major tourist attraction.

Eureka Tower:  It is the highest viewing platform in the 
southern hemisphere. It is also the tallest 
residential building in the world. 

Another View of Eureka Towers the tallest 
residential building in the world

Rialto Towers The Melbourne Observation Deck, located some 237 metres
above the city streets on the 55th floor of these Towers
It offers a spectacular views of the central business district
and beyond. 

Melbourne & Olympic Parks: These are two Melbourne
City Grounds, located near the Yarra River for the conduct of 
international sports events. They are part of the Melbourne Sports 
and Entertainment Precinct, which also includes Yarra Park

Convention and Exhibition Centre: is located in Southbank and was 
built in the 1990s as a replacement for the Royal Exhibition Building.

Crown Casino:It is on the Yarra River is the largest gambling
centre in the southern hemisphere. The Crown Entertainment 
Complex also encompasses one of Melbourne's best hotels 
the Crown Towers, restaurants, boutiques and cinemas.

Luna Park, Melbourne Australia

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square (SBS Building) Melbourne,Australia

State Library at Night, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Central Business District skyline:

 by Hassan Ali 
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  2. Yankee stadium isn't in melbourne. We have the MCG - Melbourne Cricket ground

  3. Lol yankee stadium is in new york not melbourne and the third pic from the top isnt melbourne ither.

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